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Pulsar “No Ash” Ash Catcher – 45D / Colors Vary

HIGHLIGHTS • 14mm or 19mm glass ash catcher • 45 degree joint • Disc perc • Supplemental ash stopper •

Pulsar Egg Perc Ash Catcher | 90 Degree

This Pulsar® Ash Catcher features an elegant egg-style percolator made from 100%, durable borosilicate glass. This simple little device helps keep your

Pulsar “High Class” Ashcatcher – Colors Vary

HIGHLIGHTS • Glass ash catcher • 90 degree joint • Disc perc • Available in 14 and 19mm options •

Pulsar 5-Arm Ash Catcher | 90 Degree | 14mm Male

This Pulsar® 5-Arm Ash Catcher features a 5-arm tree percolator for extreme diffusion. Crafted of durable clear borosilicate glass, and featuring ground

Pulsar Ash Catcher | 14mm Male

This Pulsar® brand Ash Catcher features ground joints, durable boro glass, and foolproof design. Catches ash before it gets in the water.