Hi there, I’m Samantha

My background in nutrition and wellness through my Masters in Nutrition and Integrative Physiology, combined with my digital marketing skills, makes me a powerhouse in promoting healthy lifestyles and business acumen. My areas of expertise include:

  • Nutrition & Wellness: Practical advice on integrating wellness into daily life, supported by scientific insights.
  • Entrepreneurship as a Latina Business Owner: Overcoming barriers and succeeding in competitive environments.
  • Influencer Marketing & Social Media Strategies: Utilizing digital platforms to amplify brand visibility and engage directly with consumers.
  • Career Development & Skill Learning: Transitioning careers and acquiring new skills to stay relevant in changing industries.
  • Content Creation: Engaging audiences with authentic user-generated content and innovative marketing campaigns.

Hi there, I’m Damon

I love to study customer experience management and entrepreneurship. As the first in my family to graduate from college with a BSBA in Integrated Marketing and Sales Management and become successful, I’ve harnessed my educational background and innate financial savvy to navigate the complex cannabis industry. My expertise includes:

  • Experience Management & Customer Experience Strategies: Implementing innovative practices that enhance customer interactions and brand loyalty.
  • Entrepreneurship & Social Equity: Pioneering efforts to ensure fairness in the cannabis industry, particularly for Black entrepreneurs.
  • Cannabis Industry Insights: A deep dive into laws, retail challenges, and the historical context affecting today’s market dynamics.
  • Grant Writing & Business Funding: How to build a startup through strategic grant funding and financial management.
  • Sales Management & Marketing Techniques: Advanced strategies that drive business growth and market penetration.