About GreenDoor

GreenDoor is developing a streamlined platform that makes it easy for you to access a wide range of cannabis products and services, tailored for various lifestyles and needs. Our mission is to ensure that everyone can easily find and enjoy high-quality cannabis experiences, regardless of their personal constraints.

Founded in Denver by Damon Brooks, an expert in customer experience, and Samantha Barela, a specialist in nutrition and physiology, GreenDoor focuses on making your search for the best cannabis products for wellness and relaxation as effortless as possible.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your health, manage a busy lifestyle, or enjoy some luxury, GreenDoor offers a straightforward and convenient way to integrate cannabis into your life, all from the comfort of your home.

Current Partnerships

Cannabis Brands We team up with various cannabis companies to offer tailored wellness options, whether you’re adding CBD to your workout routine or seeking natural health alternatives. GreenDoor is where wellness and nature come together.

Accessory Designers Our partnerships with accessory designers add a touch of class to your cannabis experience. From sleek vaporizers to custom storage options, we bring you accessories that elevate every moment.

Influencers & Wellness Coaches With our Key Reviews program, influencers, and wellness coaches highlight how cannabis can be a key part of a balanced self-care routine, encouraging thoughtful use and exploring its wellness benefits.

Our Commitment

At GreenDoor, we’re working to shift the way people see cannabis, moving it into the mainstream as a choice for wellness and lifestyle.

Discover the best of cannabis with GreenDoor: where discovery, wellness, and convenience meet.

Your Founders,

Damon Brooks & Samantha Barela