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How To Join

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Simply share the joy of GreenDoor with your friends: Refer 10 friends to sign up, and you’ll gain automatic entry into our Key Reviews Stipend Program

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After your first 10 referrals, every additional 5 referrals will add an additional term to your stipend program tenure.

You will be required to submit unique content, based on the brand selections made by GreenDoor. This content will be shared across our social networks and community forums, amplifying the voice of the brands aligned with our values and expanding their reach.

It’s your gateway to becoming a pivotal influencer within the cannabis and CBD community while getting paid to do it 🙂

What Is It

As a Key Reviewer, you’ll not only have the opportunity to explore and review, but you’ll also be instrumental in bridging the gap between our community and the brands we believe in.

Key Shopper Experience

    • Stipend: $50
    • Requirements: 2 product review minimum
    • Term: 21 days to submit review
    • Your Mission: Explore dispensaries that catch your eye, and let GreenDoor select unique brands for you to try, based on the dispensary’s offerings. Your task is to evaluate the budtender’s knowledge, the quality of service, and the selected brand’s product through your experiences, providing valuable insights for our community.

CBD Key Insights:

    • Stipend: $35
    • Requirements: none 🙂 just choose what you want to try and submit the review
    • Term: 14 days to submit review
    • Your Mission: Immerse yourself in reviewing CBD products offered on GreenDoor. Your comprehensive reviews on effectiveness, packaging, flavor, and your personal experience will be invaluable to those navigating the CBD market.


Key-Joint Exploration

    • Stipend: $20
    • Requirements: 1 sativa & 1 indica product review
    • Term: 14 days to submit review
    • Your Mission: Focus on discovering the essence of house brand joints from your preferred dispensaries, with GreenDoor picking the brand for your review. Share your honest feedback on quality, taste, and overall satisfaction, helping guide fellow enthusiasts to the best choices.

Why Join?

This is more than a program—it’s a chance to mold the future of cannabis consumption and brand recognition. With your insights, you’re not just exploring products; you’re guiding a community towards mindful and informed choices, all while enjoying a personalized discovery experience courtesy of GreenDoor.

Get started by referring friends to GreenDoor and take your place in a program designed to celebrate your voice and influence. Discover, review, and share as you contribute to a knowledgeable and passionate cannabis community.