GreenDoor THC Box Payment Policy

This policy outlines the payment procedures for THC boxes purchased through GreenDoor.

This policy ensures that all transactions are handled safely and in compliance with regulatory requirements, providing clarity and guidance for both customers and delivery personnel.

Our aim is to ensure a secure, transparent, and efficient transaction process for all parties involved.

Payment Collection

All payments for THC boxes must be made in person at the time of delivery. GreenDoor utilizes the services of certified third-party delivery drivers to handle the transportation and collection of payments.

Payment Methods
The following payment methods are accepted at the time of delivery:
– Cash
– Debit cards

Delivery Driver Responsibilities
– Delivery drivers are required to collect payments based on the total amount specified at the time of order placement.
– Drivers will provide receipts for all transactions, detailing the amount collected and the method of payment.
– Drivers are trained to handle transactions discreetly and professionally, ensuring customer privacy and satisfaction.

Customer Responsibilities
– Customers are expected to be present at the delivery location at the agreed-upon time to make the payment.
– Customers should ensure they have the correct payment method available at the time of delivery.
– Any discrepancies in payment amounts or product details must be addressed with the delivery driver at the time of delivery.

Security Measures
GreenDoor and our third-party delivery partners employ stringent security measures to protect both the customers and drivers. These include but are not limited to:
– Secure handling of payments and sensitive information
– Regular audits of delivery operations
– Compliance with local and federal laws regarding cannabis sales and transportation

Failure to make the required payment at the time of delivery may result in the cancellation of the delivery and a potential ban from future use of GreenDoor services.

Dispute Resolution
In case of any disputes related to payment or delivery of THC boxes, customers are encouraged to contact GreenDoor customer support immediately. We are committed to resolving any issues promptly and fairly.

Amendments to the Policy
GreenDoor reserves the right to amend this payment policy at any time. All changes will be communicated through our official channels and will take effect immediately upon announcement.