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What is Rosin?

In the world of cannabis, understanding the difference between various concentrates can be as straightforward as comparing them to something as everyday as orange juice. Let’s look at how rosin and distillate are similar to, respectively, fresh-squeezed orange juice and concentrate orange juice.

Rosin vs. Distillate (Complete Guide)

Rosin: The Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice of Cannabis
 Pure and Natural: Just like fresh-squeezed orange juice, rosin is made through a simple, mechanical process. It involves pressing the cannabis plant to extract the resin, much like squeezing an orange to get the juice. This method retains the natural flavor and aroma profiles of the cannabis, similar to how fresh-squeezed juice captures the essence of fresh oranges.
– No Additives: There are no solvents or chemicals involved in making rosin. It’s the cannabis equivalent of enjoying juice straight from the fruit – pure, unadulterated, and full of the original taste and nutrients.

Distillate: The Concentrated Orange Juice of Cannabis
– Processed and Refined: Distillate is like concentrated orange juice. It undergoes a significant extraction and refinement process, where cannabis is distilled at a high level to isolate cannabinoids, often resulting in a high THC content. This is similar to how concentrate orange juice is processed and reduced down to a potent, shelf-stable form.
– Altered Flavor Profile: Just as concentrate orange juice lacks the nuanced flavors of fresh oranges, distillate may lose some of the terpenes and natural essence of the cannabis plant during the extraction process. What’s left is a potent product, but with less of the original flavor profile of the plant.

A Choice of Preference
– Experience: Choosing between rosin and distillate is similar to deciding between fresh-squeezed and concentrated orange juice. Some may prefer the authentic and robust flavor of rosin, valuing the full-spectrum experience it offers. Others might opt for the potency and consistency of distillate, appreciating its convenience and longer shelf life.
– Usage: The choice also depends on how you intend to use the product. Rosin, with its rich terpene profile, is ideal for those seeking a more natural, holistic experience. Distillate, with its high THC content, is often used in edibles, topicals, and vaping products for a more controlled and precise consumption.

Understanding rosin and distillate through the lens of orange juice helps demystify these cannabis concentrates. GreenDoor is committed to providing both these options, catering to the diverse preferences and needs of our customers. Whether you seek the natural, full-spectrum experience of rosin or the refined potency of distillate, we have you covered.

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