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Building Loyalty in Today’s Market

Let’s face it: when I walk into a dispensary, the last thing I want to hear is, “Hey, did you know you’ve got points to use?” Because guess what? I never hear that. Like many of you, I’ve racked up points that sit forgotten and unused, making the whole “loyalty program” feel pretty worthless.

It’s not just annoying—it’s a missed opportunity for cannabis businesses everywhere.

Out with the Old, In with the Smart

Traditional loyalty programs with their points and discounts might sound good on paper, but they’re failing us in practice. We live in an era where personalization is king. The cannabis industry should be no exception, especially given its rapid growth and the unique needs of its customers.

We need something better. We need programs that are as dynamic and diverse as the consumers they aim to serve.

A New Approach: Listening Over Discounts

Imagine this: a dispensary that actually remembers your favorite strains and can recommend something new you might like, not because it’s on sale, but because it fits your taste profile. This is where intelligent consumer profiling comes in. It’s not about bombarding you with generic sales pitches; it’s about understanding your preferences, experiences, and even your purchasing emotions.

63% of consumers think brands need to step up their listening game—and they’re right. In the cannabis space, this means turning feedback into your roadmap. Act on what your customers are telling you about their pain points, and watch how quickly they turn into loyal advocates.

Real Stories, Real Frustrations

Take my experience: I visit dispensaries regularly and each time, not once have I been prompted to redeem points, nor do I have an easy way to track them. It’s as if they’re saying, “Thanks for your loyalty, now good luck figuring out how to benefit from it!”

This isn’t just my story—it’s a common frustration among consumers, and it’s exactly why the old ways aren’t working.

What We Do at GreenDoor

At GreenDoor, we’re ditching the guesswork and making feedback our cornerstone. Every decision, from product selection to special promotions, is driven by real, actionable consumer data. We’re not just handing out points; we’re creating experiences that resonate.

Because when you tailor your approach to meet the specific needs and wants of your customers, you don’t just earn their business—you earn their trust and loyalty.

Join Us on a Better Path

If you’re tired of loyalty programs that don’t seem to remember you, it’s time for a change. Check out how we’re doing things differently at GreenDoor. We’re committed to building a system that values customer feedback and prioritizes their preferences. This is how loyalty programs should work, making every experience as rewarding as the first.

In the cannabis industry, where trust and reliability are paramount, adopting this feedback-driven, personalized approach is not just good business—it’s essential for success.

Let’s make every experience matter.

Join us, and experience the difference real engagement makes.

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