Cannabis Retail Specialist Certification

Thrilled to announce that we’ve officially completed the Cannabis Retail Specialist Certification from the Community College of Denver and Green Flower!

This program was a game-changer. The lessons were well-organized and packed with valuable information, giving us the skills and confidence we need to thrive in the cannabis industry.

The program’s dedicated section on social equity resonated deeply with us. ✊ It provided crucial insights on navigating this ever-changing space.

Now, with this knowledge under our belt, we’re even more prepared to:

  • Empower people to make informed decisions about cannabis.
  • Build a welcoming community for both newcomers and seasoned wellness seekers.

Thinking about a career in cannabis? Or maybe you just want to deepen your knowledge? Either way, we highly recommend checking out Green Flower’s programs.

They offer the perfect blend of education and community support, putting you on the path to success in the exciting world of cannabis.

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