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How to Increase Dispensary Customer Retention

I recently visited a dispensary and asked the budtender about a particular strain. All they could tell me was the THC percentage. As a medical patient, that information alone tells me nothing about the strain’s effects or medicinal benefits. Without proper education on cannabinoids, terpenes, and dosing, customers are just being sold products to get high rather than being guided toward wellness. 馃尶

This experience left me thinking about how crucial education is in the cannabis industry, and how much improvement is needed to ensure customers receive accurate information and tailored recommendations.

The Importance of Customer Feedback

After my visit, I took a few minutes to fill out a survey at my local dispensary. A week passed… then two, and 4+ weeks later, I still hadn’t heard back.

This missed opportunity to connect highlighted a crucial point: customer feedback is a goldmine for growth, and silence speaks volumes.

Dispensaries, it’s time to rethink your approach to customer feedback. Every touchpoint, from in-store surveys to online forms and follow-up emails, is a chance to build stronger relationships and refine your services.

Are You Listening to Your Customers?

The real question is: are you truly hearing what your customers are saying? Do you acknowledge their insights and close the feedback loop with a response?

Instead of a one-way street, turn feedback into a dynamic dialogue. Show your customers their voices matter by actively engaging with them. This builds trust and fosters loyalty.

Turning Visitors into Lifelong Customers

A thoughtful response to feedback can turn a casual visitor into a lifelong customer. Imagine the positive impact on your business by enriching the customer experience through open communication.

The Role of Education

In addition to customer feedback, dispensaries must prioritize education on cannabinoids, terpenes, and dosing. This information is essential to guide customers, especially medical patients, toward wellness rather than just getting high.

Budtenders should be equipped to:

1. Understand Cannabinoids and Terpenes: Explain how different compounds impact the body.
2. Recommend Based on Medical Conditions: Suggest strains tailored to specific medical needs.
3. Provide Accurate Dosing Guidelines: Help customers find the right dosage for their wellness journey.

How GreenDoor Can Help

馃攽 At GreenDoor, we specialize in helping dispensaries like yours unlock the power of customer feedback. We can help you actively engage with your customers, turning their insights into growth opportunities. With our expertise in education and customer engagement, you’ll be able to build stronger relationships and provide exceptional service.

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