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Carbon Meet Carbon, the innovative and artistic lighter that promises to revolutionize your lighting experience. Elevate your lighting game with

Light Up The Holidays

Light Up The Holidays Illuminate your holidays with the perfect gift set from Kush Kards + Toker Poker. This set

LighterPick All-In-One Waterproof Smoking Dugout

The LighterPick Dugout can go wherever you go and holds everything you need for smoking in all situations. This modern

RAW Hempwick Ball

Made from all-natural hemp and coated with real beeswax, 100 feet of Raw Hempwick might not seem like enough after you’ve

Midnight Glass Toker Poker Lighter Sleeve

Toker Poker Midnight Glass Bic Lighter Lighter sleeve tools Fits standard Bic Lighter Built-in poker & tamper tools Holds hemp

The De-Lighter

Need a light? You deserve better than gas station sameness. Level up with our chic, slim, gold-plated De-Lighter and have